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Challenge #7: Freezing ocean.

Challenge #7

Source: Unknown


(Oops, forgot about this.)

Challenge #6

Drones - Jed Whedon and the Willing.


(Woops. Was saying bye to friends that had come over to hang out tonight and realized I'd never done this today.)

Challenge #5: tributaries, drone, dreams

Challenge #5

tributaries, drone, dreams


Challenge #4: Raven noir.

Challenge #4

Source: Unknown

(Thanks go to crotalus_atrox for the suggestion.)


Challenge #3: River Flows in You by Yurima

Challenge #3

River Flows in You - Yurima.


Challenge #2: blind, teeth, curve

Challenge #2

blind, teeth, curve


Prompt Master List

This is the master list for the prompts. They will be filled out and linked as the prompts are posted.

Challenge #1: Vampire w/braces. (image)
Challenge #2: blind, teeth, curve (text)
Challenge #3: "River Flows in You" by Yurima (music)
Challenge #4: Raven noir. (image)
Challenge #5: tributaries, drone dreams (text)
Challenge #6: "Drones" by Jed Whedon and the Willing (song)
Challenge #7: Freezing ocean. (image)

Challenge #1: Vampire w/braces. (image)

Challenge #1

Source: Unknown




There will be one challenge posted every Friday. It will either be a text, music, or image prompt. There is no deadline for the fic/art/video, just choose the appropriate tag for it (the challenge number, the medium (fic, art, etc.), and the fandom or else rpf or original fic; for crossovers, just choose the fandoms involved) when you post it.

If the tag isn't available, put the request at the beginning of your post and it will be created for you.


The post must contain a Subject and the Subject must contain the challenge number; whether you want to put a title after that is your decision. For example: "Challenge #1" or, "Challenge #1: Title Goes Here".

A basic header is required.

Title: (optional)
Type: (fic, art, video...)
Rating: (do your best; warn about NSFW or triggers like noncon)
Fandom: (if applicable)
Challenge # and Prompt:
(if applicable)

You can add to that (wordcount, author's note, whatevs) if you want.

Other Stuff

• If the story is longer than 1,000 words, or the art or video is more that 450 pixels in width, LJ-cut it.

• Zero tolerance on hate and all that. Basically, be nice or get banned.

• Does this look like a community promo comm? Didn't think so. Promote your community elsewhere.

• Link to NSFW materials, do not embed, and MARK THEM CLEARLY.

• Posts must contain a fic, art, video, or some other kind of creative response to a challenge. Questions for specific challenges can go in their comments; general questions can go in the comments on this post.

• Don't link to locked posts and that includes locked comms, even if you have open membership.

• If you want to post anonymously, do it in the comments of the appropriate challenge and it will be collected into a link post.

• Prompts are guidelines. If you want to use the spirit of the text prompts instead of including the specific words, then do that. If you want to use the feel of the song instead of matching up to lyrics, then do that. It's supposed to be fun.


Picture prompt

Hey, it's Friday again! Keen. Let's try a different type of prompt.

This picture!
And this one.

(Since I don't own them, these are just links to the flickr.com page. For the whole blog post where these pictures are featured (and explained), you can visit Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Which, by the way, I recommend doing once your improv is all done. Good times.)

As always, please post your improv as a separate post, not a comment to this one.

3-word prompt

Prompt for Friday, 4/10/09:

finite, caloric, wooden

Please post your answer in a separate post to this community and not in the comments.

Prompt - velvet, antique, despot

Title: None
Author: Chennpug
Rating: PG-13 for violence, but work-safe
Genre/Fandom: Shadowrun-based fic for a game's character development.
Summary: Playing on stereotypes makes distraction easier.
Prompt: velvet, antique, despot
Disclaimer: This is all my own original work. The world and the character types and some of the words might not be, but y'know... that stuff.

I can't believe I'm writing about Shadowrun.Collapse )

3-word prompt

Prompt for today, 04/03/09.

angular, cylindrical, bubble

Please put your reply in a separate post, not in the comments.

Music prompt!

Let's switch it up a bit, yeah? Here's the prompt for 03/27/09.

Your improv does not have to be directly related to the song, or mention the lyrics unless you want it to. You might put it on the radio as your characters are driving somewhere, or one of your characters might not be able to get it out of his or her head. That's all up to you - and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

3-word prompt

(Prompt for 03/21/09)

belittle, carmine, gratuity

Please post your answer in a separate post to this community and not in the comments.

Improv - seethe, fine, declare

Title: Lost in Faeland
Author: Chennpug
Rating: PG, totally work-safe.
Genre/Fandom: Urban Fantasy?
Summary: When a door closes, somebody opens a skylight?
Prompt: seethe, fine, declare
<Disclaimer: My original work, a new story that I'm working on.

Belligerent, the letter said. Difficulties working in a team environment. Prone to confrontation. Indiscreet. Official reasons for my abrupt, but not unexpected, termination.Collapse )

Hey, remember this?

Well, what do you know...it's Friday! Let's go, my dears.

seethe, fine, declare

Please post your answer in a separate post to this community and not in the comments.

(I don't know about you all, but I realized today that I missed this community. And, since it's been such a long time, here's a link to the rules post, from the very beginning.)

3-Word Prompt

Happy improving, kids. :)

velvet, antique, despot

Please post your answer in a separate post to this community and not in the comments.